America Casino Venues – Bigger and Better!

It’s often seen as a bit of a cliche that the United States of America has to do everything bigger and better (well maybe the better part is more subjective!) than everyone else but there is of course a grain of truth to it. Take Las Vegas for instance, with its towering resorts and casinos, like MGM and Caesars Palace. Famous not only for their casinos but also for holding some of the most highly anticipated boxing bouts (think Floyd Mayweather and co) and concerts in the world. It’s perhaps no surprise that as gambling legislation relaxes the US also has its eye on having some of the best american online casinos around too.

The scope of some of the biggest casinos in Vegas has to be seen to be believed. Take the aforementioned Caesars Palace for instance. It’s both a luxury hotel and a casino, all in one. On the hotel front we’re talking almost 4000 rooms. As for the casino, whether your game of choice is blackjack, poker, roulette, slots, craps and something else, there are countless opportunities to play. Founded in 1966 the complex is grandiose and elegant throughout.

The MGM Grand Las Vegas too, has so much going for it and is on a scale that you rarely see repeated elsewhere. With 6,852 rooms it’s the largest hotel in the entire country and is spread over 30 floors. The most expensive suits can cost in excess of $20,000 per night though many are much more affordable. Interestingly enough when it opened in the 90’s the MGM Grand had a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme to it, and even included a theme park, though since that time there has been a notable change of direction. Several renovation projects has since made it what it is today. It’s gaming floor is 171,500 square feet and features 2500 slot machines as well as 139 poker and table games. There is also a sportsbook area with giant plasma TVs. It’s all very much state of the art.

As a casino goer, it’s good to mix with up. Whereas in downtime there is the relaxed convenience of and the like, if you do so happen in these post pandemic times to get the chance to visit the states, and especially Las Vegas, you’ll really get to see the scale that we’re talking about here. Be sure to ‘push the boat’ out if you do, as it’s a once in a lifetime experience for many!