World Cup 2024: Wales vs USA

While nothing like the connection exists between Wales and America as it does with, say, England or Scotland, there is a clear sporting interest in this one. Both teams will open their tournament against one another, knowing they probably need something from this game. Failure to win on game one leaves a match against a likely-desperate Iran and England to come for Wales. America, meanwhile, might already have lost to England and thus will need to pick up something ahead of matchday three.

This is a very interesting tie – both teams have equal quality and probably similar levels of concern. Wales are looking at a disparate team outside of Gareth Bale, who is barely match fit, and the USMNT are glaring in their lack of offensive options. Unfortunately, this could lead to a sterile game that might not go anywhere fast – tactical as opposed to intense is the likely outcome.

Who will win this tie?

Score draw. Both teams will come into this one needing something to get their tournament going early doors. A win on day one would likely set one up for qualification whilst condemning the other to an early exit. This does not look likely, though; the athleticism of America should help to subdue the technical quality of many of the Welsh players.

There is not likely to be much between these teams, so do not expect anything other than a tight and at times challenging to watch affair. For Wales, keeping their emotions in-check will be very important.