Professional Gamblers: A Life Less Stressful

Gambling can be a bad idea.

In fact, if you don’t have a very good reason to gamble it is advisable not to bet. Ever. You know the only good reason to bet? Because you are convinced you will win. You have the knowledge to outwit the layers with brains rather than brawn.

The only time you need both is if you are betting on an arm wrestle!

For most punters the hope, ambition, goal (whatever the story) of achieving that lofty level of knowledge and skill is remote. If your dream is simply based on making easy money without much work then you will soon find out you are mistaken. In fact, if you have the thought and belief you can somehow ‘magically’ win money without being exceptional at what you do, you are foolishly naive.

You can’t see the competition but it is there in all its guises.

Yes, I’m a would-be pro gambler bubble popper.

Not to say people don’t make money from gambling. They say 2% of gamblers make a profit. Traders on the stock market are no different in their aim to make money. The only different is that they don’t usually bet with their own money. So to conclude no one can make money gambling is ridiculous.

Every financial transaction is a gamble whichever way you want to dress it up. Knowledge isn’t simply ascribed to someone who walks around wearing a trench coat, carries a briefcase and has a Financial Time under their arm.

People make money from selling toilet rolls while others arms dealers.

Your everyday professional gambling sits somewhere in between.

[Thoughts of someone stricken on the bog dropping a couple of bombs after a bet went south.]

Gambling for a living can be very stressful. Losing money is never the best feeling and no one fancies working all week and finding themselves in the red.

That’s why being a professional gambler it’s important to create a gambling life that works for you. It needs to be a pleasurable experience, if not relaxed. This may sound impossible but it’s not. Because you have the option to make your working life work for you. This will take some thought and action but it is possible. You have the opportunity to make your gambling life whatever you wish.

An act of freewill over determinism.

I’ve had this conversation with my brother and one of the most important aspects of professional gambling is having an approach, method and process that incorporates within it a pleasurable experience. Ultimately, a working day that works for you.

Reading many professional gambler books the journey of most successful gambler is one of ultimate stress.

This often comes from betting a bigger stake than they can cope with emotionally. It is a very personal thing and while some people can literally bet millions others find it difficult to bet a couple of hundred, even though they can easily afford the lesser loss.

Your success or not as a gambler comes down to your skill and understanding finding value and working within the limits of your human condition.

However, an important part of being a successful gambler isn’t just about your knowledge and betting power but finding a way of working which is pleasurable and stress-free.

It is a decision you need to make.