How to Bet on Over / Under 2.5 Goals

Many football punters like to swerve the Full-Time Result betting market and instead plump for alternative betting selections. After all, the 1×2 football market involves customers having to choose either the home team, draw or the away team. Three possible outcomes can sometimes make it hard to find a winner, especially if you don’t have a strong opinion on the game.

However, we have been specialising in Over / Under 2.5 Goals tips for this exact reason. This is a preferred market when it comes to football betting accumulators due to the fact that we’re dealing with a two-way betting market where you either go “Over” or “Under” with each pick.

Don’t be confused by the 2.5 part of the bet. When you place a bet on Over / Under 2.5 Goals, you are either betting:

  • Over 2.5 Goals – three or more goals to be scored
  • Under 2.5 Goals – two or less goals to be scored

There are no possible alternative outcomes. It keeps football betting really simple and it’s great if you have an opinion about whether a football match is going to be high-scoring or low-scoring.

For football matches where a higher number of goals is anticipated, then you might find it makes more sense to bet on Over / Under 3.5 Goals instead. That would mean a bet on the “Overs” would require four or more goals to be scored, while the “Unders” means you get three goals or less as part of the bet.

Place an Over / Under 2.5 Goals Accumulator Bet

We’re big fans of placing football accumulators and Over / Under 2.5 Goals is definitely a good football betting market when it comes to an acca. You might want to pick out a handful of matches where you’re predicting Over 2.5 Goals and bet accordingly.

Alternatively, you might sniff out a few low-scoring games and go for an Under 2.5 Goals acca instead. Indeed, there’s nothing to stop you having a football accumulator with a combination of selections and our Over / Under 2.5 Goals tips can help to guide you into the best possible bet.

The good thing about Over / Under 2.5 Goals betting is that you can often win quickly should you bet Over 2.5 Goals seeing as three first-half goals could conceivably win your bet without having to wait for the second half to be played.

Similarly, you might back the Under 2.5 Goals and know that with the scoreline at 0-0 with twenty minutes left, your bet is very likely to result in a winner.