Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

I do like a flutter on the horses or paying a visit to a casino with family and friends every now and again. With that in mind it’s surprising then perhaps that I’ve never even used a FOBT (Fixed odds betting terminal). Of course, these terminals (on which you can play roulette, slots etc) are big news right now with discussion surrounding what the maximum stake on these machines should be.

Figures as low as £2 per play were being pushed, and bookmakers such as Ladbrokes considered cutting sponsorship of sports including horse racing if this figure was brought in. It now appears that a £30 maximum bet may well be closer to the eventually approved figure, down from £100 maxiumum stake (per 20 seconds of play). That’s the figure being recommended by the gambling commission. Shares in bookmakers Ladbrokes and William Hill rose on the back of the news.. For now though, the figure is still at £100, which is good or bad depending on your view, and whether you’ve just emptied your wallet into one of them!