Gambling: Don’t Push Too Hard

Gambling: Don’t Push Too Hard  Gambling is hard work, stressful and psychological tough.

Although, to some extent that is our own making. It’s reason why you need to gamble in a considered manner to make the whole process manageable. One legendary gambler Archie Karas was said to have made $40 million from an original be of $50. It sounds incredible but that’s the story. In an interview on YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly by Mark Laita, Karas said it was like a war zone and he went full throttle to win money by playing pool, poker & blackjack from casinos in Las Vegas.

He said: ‘It was a stressful life and I wouldn’t advise it to anyone.’

Time would see that Karas losEall his money and left with an aneurysm on his brain and lungs damaged by passive smoking which happened back in the day.

It seems that many successful gamblers lose it all.

Gambling is by definition a stressful endeavour. However, your winning method needs to be incorporated an approach that’s more relaxed and beneficial to your mental health. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose

  • Make sure you enjoy what you are doing and how you work

  • Don’t try to push too hard wanting to make big money fast

  • With skill-base gambling build on the positives

  • Never try to defy the stats it is a recipe for disaster

  • Don’t make your life all about the gambling

  • Exercise and go for a walk

  • Listen to what your body and mind is telling you



The reason, you need to find that sweet spot working efficiently but relaxed. If you want to survive you need to get it right. If you get stressed you are unlikely to think at your best and that brings added problems.

You may say: ‘Well how do you bet in a relaxed manner?’

Betting less money may sound like a problem but it is the answer. True, you need to make enough money to cover the cost of living but you need to progress without pressure.

Gambling will always be a gamble but you need to take the stress and volatility out of the equation.

If you can’t do that, you will either lose all the way or win big and lose even bigger.

How much money is your health worth?

Karas said: ‘How much would people pay to live a day longer.’


The best gamblers in the world are really investors with cutting-edge knowledge and within that approach they incorporate money as well as stress management.

7 Gambling Tattoos

I don’t have a tattoo.

Although I’m not against having one. In fact, getting an ‘everlasting job stopper’ has become even more popular in recent years.

Who doesn’t love a bit of ink?

If you are a gambler or want to take on the persona of a man who loves a bet you may want to get a tattoo or lots of them. I’ve heard they can become addictive. So once I get the bug (or the ink) I’ll probably cover last inch of my body. Head to toe. It’s ideal to cover up an ex girlfriend’s name and look a little more fashionable.

I wonder how much that will cost?

But which gambler tattoos are most popular?

1) Playing Cards: who doesn’t love the classic tattoo of tattoos the ace of spades on an arm, leg or inside of the lip. What about the king of hearts? Winning hand in poker (not two pair).

2) Dice: Snake eye. Yes, that’s two dice with the number one rather than a cobra around your neck. The classic casino dice tattoo. Craps. No, it’s a great idea.

3) Casino Chips: With many eye-catching designs you will look the man about town (Monte Carlo) with those £5K chips on your lower arms, shirt sleeves rolled up and fake Rolex watch setting the scene.

4) Slot Machines: Those three reels with the classic cherries or sevens. How can’t you feel like a winner?

5) Roulette Wheel: As long as your favourite number isn’t 37 you will be a high roller when it comes to choosing your number, black, red or green (if you are going from hero to zero).

6) Poker Symbols: The deck of cards, or full house. Stack of chips on the flop. You can even have a picture of Stu Ungar if you have a penchant for blue-lensed sunglasses.

7) Lucky Number 7: If you ever need a lucky number then it has to be 7. Three sixes just doesn’t do it for me but whatever sinks your ship. Did you know people associated with this number are said to insightful, intuitive, introspective, intellectual and wise. It’s my favourite number.

As a tattoo virgin I’ve been inspired to get some gambling ink. I would suggest you pay more than less for a gifted artist rather than looking at a dog’s dinner for the rest of your life.

Who Inspired You To Bet?

Who Inspired You To Bet?  I often ask this question: ‘Who inspired you to bet?’

I guess I should start with my own answer to this question. It was my Dad. He loved to have a bet at the weekend and went to the Eastern Festival at Great Yarmouth every September. It always coincided with our family holidays. We stayed at Caister-on-sea in a caravan. It was a lovely time where we all enjoyed ourselves.

Perhaps if Dad hadn’t enjoyed a bet we wouldn’t have been interested in horse racing or gambling. We may never have considered going to Great Yarmouth.

We are an interaction of nature and nurture.

I don’t regret my nurturing to be a gambler. I have freewill to bet or not. However, I am sure there are many people in life who regret being brought up in a gambling environment if they have become addicted to gambling or it damaged or destroyed their life.

Two of my cousins, who we go racing with and venture to the casino, were influenced by their Dad who enjoyed a bet and they had greyhounds which ran at the local track. I’m not sure if they would say gambling was a blessing or a curse. I’m pretty sure it is the former or the lesser of two evils.

My gambling has always been secondary to learning. By that I mean, I have always been interested in the pursuit of knowledge about my given niche of horse racing which is two-year-old thoroughbreds. At least with something skill-based there is reason why you can possibly win rather than fixed odds which, basically, mean the longer you play the more money you lose, such as the lottery, roulette, blackjack & slots.

To this day we still venture to the Eastern Festival at Great Yarmouth. It is a Merry Pilgrimage in memory of my late father.

For me, I was inspired by my Dad.

Who inspired you to bet and what impact did it have on your life?

Didn’t We Have A Lovely Time The Day We Went To Bangor Races?

Didn’t We Have A Lovely Time The Day We Went To Bangor Races?  When I read that title I couldn’t help but think about the folk song by Fiddler’s Dram which was released in 1979. It peaked at number 3 in the charts back in 1980. Written by Debbie Crook and recorded by lead singer of the band Cathy Lesurf.

By all accounts it was a one hit wonder.

I’d like to state now, I’ve never been to a Bangor race fixture but I know a man who has – he came from Rhyl.

If you know the history of the song you may appreciate the subtle humour.

Bangor-on-Dee, Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom.

Just one of three Welsh racecourses.

Bangor horse racing dates back to 1859. In fact, the first fixture took place on the 25th February of that year. Ideal for a National Hunt race meeting. In ways, little has changed at the venue as it’s one of few racecourses in the country to be without a grandstand.

In addition, point-to-point racing has taken part at the course since 2006, although on the inside of the main course and races run in the opposite direction, right-handed.

Bangor racecourse is owned by the Chester Racing Company which, unsurprisingly owns Chester racecourse which is approximately 30 miles away and also operates Musselburgh.

Bangor has been awarded the Gold Standard Award by the Racehorse Owners Association (ROA).

The course is set in a scenic valley and details excellent views for spectators. This left-handed course (anti-clockwise) is essentially oval-shaped, sharp and flat with a long run-in with a full circuit of 1 mile 4 furlongs. Racing includes Chase, Hurdle and National Hunt Flat racing.

With 14 fixtures throughout the year there is lots to look forward to. The season highlight being the Anne Duchess of Westminster Charity day in November featuring a Listed race.

Ladies Day is very popular in July.

The racecourse has two enclosures: The Paddock Enclosure and Open Course. Tickets range in price from £7 – £22. Racecourse hospitality includes the Wynnstay Restaurant (prices from £60) and Paddock Restaurant (prices from £102).

There is also private dining (from £130 +VAT).

Bangor-on-Dee is a great venue for racing fans not only nestled in the Welsh valleys but on the river Dee. If you love your National Hunt racing take advantage of this historic racecourse.