February 2024

7 Gambling Tattoos

I don’t have a tattoo.

Although I’m not against having one. In fact, getting an ‘everlasting job stopper’ has become even more popular in recent years.

Who doesn’t love a bit of ink?

If you are a gambler or want to take on the persona of a man who loves a bet you may want to get a tattoo or lots of them. I’ve heard they can become addictive. So once I get the bug (or the ink) I’ll probably cover last inch of my body. Head to toe. It’s ideal to cover up an ex girlfriend’s name and look a little more fashionable.

I wonder how much that will cost?

But which gambler tattoos are most popular?

1) Playing Cards: who doesn’t love the classic tattoo of tattoos the ace of spades on an arm, leg or inside of the lip. What about the king of hearts? Winning hand in poker (not two pair).

2) Dice: Snake eye. Yes, that’s two dice with the number one rather than a cobra around your neck. The classic casino dice tattoo. Craps. No, it’s a great idea.

3) Casino Chips: With many eye-catching designs you will look the man about town (Monte Carlo) with those £5K chips on your lower arms, shirt sleeves rolled up and fake Rolex watch setting the scene.

4) Slot Machines: Those three reels with the classic cherries or sevens. How can’t you feel like a winner?

5) Roulette Wheel: As long as your favourite number isn’t 37 you will be a high roller when it comes to choosing your number, black, red or green (if you are going from hero to zero).

6) Poker Symbols: The deck of cards, or full house. Stack of chips on the flop. You can even have a picture of Stu Ungar if you have a penchant for blue-lensed sunglasses.

7) Lucky Number 7: If you ever need a lucky number then it has to be 7. Three sixes just doesn’t do it for me but whatever sinks your ship. Did you know people associated with this number are said to insightful, intuitive, introspective, intellectual and wise. It’s my favourite number.

As a tattoo virgin I’ve been inspired to get some gambling ink. I would suggest you pay more than less for a gifted artist rather than looking at a dog’s dinner for the rest of your life.